Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

Crazy Dave

Dec 24, 2020
I guess I have to start this out slow, as chances are this is the only post I get, then I'll be gone forever. (Most likely)

My story starts in June of 2018, a little asshole 13-year-old playing CSGO. Wondering if there are any RP servers, I typed "CSGO RP" Into google and this wonderful website popped up.

Since then, I made many friends, a few enemies, and tons of memories.

I couldn't help but think of this website as it has been a year since I myself, posted, but didn't take anything seriously.

I'm not asking for a second chance Fifth chance, I'm just here to apologize, and to share my whereabouts.

I've been inspired by many mods and modders to make my own RP mod for CSGO (with the help of a friend), I did, and it's quite great but that's all I'm going to share, as I don't want my post to get deleted on entry. (Also the popular live streamer FranzJ joined my test server lol, it was pretty insane to have a full server on RP for the first time in a while)

I gotta admit, I'm not worthy of any more chances, I just wanted to rekindle friendships if possible, because, despite my ban, Mewn messaged me about my plugin devlog series he saw on Youtube. I'm truly sorry and remorseful for my temper tantrum a while back, but I can't really do much but shrug it off as being childish because I really was, I can't change much about it. I guess all I can show to prove it is that I've changed a decent bit. (I mean shit I don't sound like a squeaky door hinge anymore)

So what have you guys been up to? Anything you're proud of? Got any plans for the holidays? I know it's probably not much of anything significant.

Chances are I really won't get to reply on this thread SOOO, (Sad I couldn't post this year) Happy Early Birthday Myback!

I'm liking the new website format!

I gotta say tho, it wasn't that tough to make an ammo item.