[Read] How to record sufficient evidence for a player report

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May 3, 2015
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Hey everyone, so recently alot of you guys have been reporting and using calladmin but not many of you record sufficient evidence, a VIDEO is proper evidence, WITNESSES are not.

If you cannot record through programs on your computer such as shadowplay, here's how to record a csgo demo
i did not make this guide

While ingame, type "record xyz" into your console, without the quotes.

When you want to stop your demo, write "stop", or simply disconnect from the game or quit the game entirely.
You will then find your demo named "xyz.dem" in your folder:
D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo
(Where ever you installed your steam).

When you want to watch it, type "playdemo xyz" in your consoly. When typing the x you shall already see a drop down of all your demos beginning with x.
Then it seems that you connect to a server to play, but you are joining your demo session. You now look the demo exactly as you recorded it.

If you want to analyze something, you can open the console and type "demoui" to open a small window in which you can slow down or fast up the play velocity (in percentage, from 2.8 (right?) to 100 (normal speed and default) up to 600 (to skip things)).

Have fun!
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