lolisme (lemon) ban appeal

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May 3, 2018
In-game name: lolisme (or lemon)

Server you were banned on: moonshade RP

Who banned you: spookyS

Reason for ban: Toxic, Cheating, Advertising

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:442480882

Reason you think you should be unbanned: Well its been half a year i think now, eh I really do miss the enjoyment i had on the server as well with the community, I do admit i was toxic and I deserved the ban for being Toxic and Advertising, I wont address the cheating because clearly I still stand against it as i was playing legit. The advertising was a auto exec bind for this awp server i was a admin on to let them join my group and it was 9. so every time i hit 9 which is the exit on the menu's for bank or selling drugs it said bind so that is the reason for that. I was toxic because i was butt hurt spooky and rabbit and pretty much everyone was raiding it however over months of thinking about what i was doing I knew i deserved the ban and deserved the amount of hate I got. I want to grow along the side of moon shade and be apart of the community once again.

Evidence to support claim (if any): Willing to stream every time im on server to show i dont cheat


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Jun 21, 2018
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Well, my first initial thought (right now) is holy shit I completely forgot about you.
I am open to letting Lemon back as we could use some more players that know the game mode because with all the new players logging by the hour won't respond to me. And having someone else that can help get their attention and teach them could greatly help the player base.

Now for my legit response:
You are toxic and that could ruin what I said above

Sadly 'lemon hackerino' (the video that got you permanently banned) is still my favourite video on youtube.
What I can predict is that this appeal will be denied unless the admins have a change in mind.

The only reason why I can see you getting unbanned is if you can help out the server in one way or another.

Not gonna lie, Spooky is kind of mean (but also strict)


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Jan 24, 2015
I think it's been long enough guys. Let's give him another chance. If he's willing to pop back on after this long and make an appeal.
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