Hey guys, been a while hasn't it? looking at you spooky you fecker


Feb 22, 2018
Phoenix, AZ
Yeah I've been pretty good... How about you guys?
But after Rabbit got all mad cuz I didn't know he was in charge now, and I was complaining about cop being taken away from everyone..
I understand the server restart, as much as I didn't like it, but why reset ALL cops?

I even did a new application, but because my "attitude" he denied it..
So after seeing how the restart PLUS almost no one having cop affected the server, all I could think was, how much longer can this server last like this???
Turns out not long.... All I wanted was cop back....

Anyway good luck with it guys! I've been playing TF2 MVM, a little regular CS:GO, COD Warzone, and thinking about buying Rogue Company... Its still in closed beta but purchasable.. Saw Dr Disrespect play and it looked super fun.

It was really fun while it lasted here, especially some of you who were really cool...

the RP is still up or no?