Demote flake 2021


Mar 3, 2021
Flake, an admin on the msg hns server deserves a demotion/ban for actions. Hello my name is ฿ as I garuntee you can see with my previous ban and scilence and attempt at a false ban evade. Firstly I got on the server and I was playing around after flake would speak I would say shhh as a joke and he just kept saying "do it again" so I did I followed the admins orders as the rules oblige me to. He then gave me a scilence (gag and mute simultaneously) after not explaining why I was being scilenced. I then leave the server from my account ç and hop on my other account ฿ to explain that his actions were wrong and I shouldn't have been scilenced unless my behavior continued after he said stop and he did not say stop therefore I did not break the rules he actually encouraged me to say shh to him as the line I previously mentioned "do it again". So after I explain to him he shouldn't scilence people for no reason I then get banned by him and the reason he left was "well talk in a little bit" with a kissy face or something. Very disappointed in this server for letting a 9 year old have admin and power trip. Please demote thanks.