CS:GO Rp is back.. humanity has been restored


I am Comvic, and I have no idea what I am doing
Jun 7, 2016
oh damn guys, it back. It finally back. How many more marriages, fanfictions and other wacky stuff can we come up with... hopefully an excessive amount. Just felt like making a random post to say hey, its back back back! And we should all be morons together and play the classic tower defense game of "get into the PD lol". Its 3:42 AM send help lol


Feb 22, 2018
Phoenix, AZ
hey Comvic, unless you went by a diff name I dont think we have had the pleasure of playing together yet.

I noticed you posted this several months ago with no response, so I figured I'd let this rip:

Well my cop got taken when the server restart happened (ALL cop got taken except a select few got it back immediately). I was always a good cop, or at least thats what the people playing at the time said, and I tried to be.
While trying to figure out why all my money was gone, before I knew it got reset I guess I was mouthing off to whoever got put in charge (Rabbit or Skittles IDR), because they were being quite condescending about it (they were in charge and I didnt know and they didnt tell me) and I was quite upset with having EVERYTHING INCLUDING cop wiped with 0 explanation.

Sooo I reapplied for cop, and got denied because of being upset about the reset, so I quit... Not only because of that but because since no one was getting cop back, people were getting bounties all the time, and i played at night at a lot of off peak hours when not many if ANY people that had cop were on and said it was dying.. This was about a year ago, and based on forums and people I've talked to it looks like it slowly happened.

Also called it on Teebag hacking, he got a VAC ban 800 something days ago ( almost 1 yr 8 months ago, which was when he was on RP all the time! lol)
I'm sure someone will say it has to do w something else but i'm 99% sure he had wallhacks if not aimbot too

Anyway this server was super fun back in the day, too bad myback left, thats when it all started dying..

Been on Rust and COD Warzone and occasionally CS GO myself lately, or if I wanna go old school TF2 or Day of Infamy.

Have good one! Hope everyones doing ok in these crazy quarantine times.