blue_raptor cop app

In-Game name: blue_raptor
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:530519509
Age: 13

Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it? Yes I do have a microphone and I am willing to use it.

Days of the week you are available to play: I am able to play almost every day

Current Hours In-Game on our server: 31

Time Zone + Location on planet Earth: (GMT-6)

Rules you view as most important: No Mass RDM

Why do you want to become a cop and why should we pick you over other applicants? I would like to become a cop on this server because I think I have what it takes, I have met all the requirements and understood all the important information above. I am a very active member of this community and I am familiar with all the cop rules that have been set. I like the concept of cleaning up the streets. I want to be a cop so new people and normal people dont have to deal with those annoying people that just like to RDM.


Jan 23, 2020
Active, Doesn't go around rdming (Even Cops) and seems to despise it in any form, would make a good cop.