April Adjustments


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Jan 24, 2015
What's up everyone. I come to bring some important additions to the community this month. We have some new and various accessibility features on the website, highlighted changes we wish to propose eventually to the portal page, and some new servers to play on!

Theme Select

We put the theme select back on our portal page so users may quickly adjust the look of the website. Up until now, we have only supported our current theme so there may be a few quirky bugs with the others, so please have some patience when it comes to that! We are also looking into ways users may change the layout of the website without having to affect every member. More details will arrive once we have a plan for this. Let us know what you think!

Website Layout Ideas

If you have suggestions on a new layout for our home aka "portal" page, please leave them below or in the suggestions area of our forums. When making this change, keep in mind our goal is to promote accessibility and allow users who never visit our website to easily access content such as special topics related to our servers or applications such as apply for cop. We also will be bringing a new feature along with this change that allows users to easily see when special events are occurring on our servers. Don't worry, you'll see them whenever we're ready to throw one.

MvM Servers

Last but not least, we have created two Mann VS Machine community servers on TF2 to add to our current variety of servers. On these servers, you play cooperatively with a group of six people to defend Mann Co. against Gray Mann's group of sinister robots. There are currently no custom additions to the servers, hence the "Vanilla" in their title. We plan on modifying them eventually if there is a demand to do so, so let us know if we should! If you have any feedback or suggestions related to these servers you are welcome to leave any below or in the relevant section on the forums.

Here are the servers, you can find them on our server page as well!


Black Rabbit

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Jan 5, 2017
down the rabbit hole
Sounds great Mewn I can’t wait to see these changes in action and I’ll be sure to check out the Mann vs machine servers since it’s something I’ve never actually played but have always kinda wanted to play. :pinkheart: