Admin Application


Jan 31, 2021
SteamID: 76561199028924342 ; ; STEAM_0:0:534329307
Age: 14
Yes I have a microphone, and yes I will use it when needed.
I can play everyday, I have a lot of time
Time on server: 4 Hrs. 48 Mins
Washington, United States, Pacific Time Zone

I been an admin one of the HNS servers awhile ago, but the owner closed down the server.

I will be active and I trust my ability to enforce the rules. The server is doing well and I want to help you guys keep it that way. I also want to help with the cheater problem that I noticed. For all the time I played on the server I saw at least 2 cheaters. I just sit there and look at them. I want to help and stop the hackers.