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Mar 10, 2018
Usa, iowa
In-Game Name: chili's
Steam ID:
Age: 14

Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it? Yes I do have a microphone and I am willing to use it.

Days of the week you are available to play: i am not able to play at the moment but when i get my laptop back i will be able to play everyday.

Current Hours In-Game on our server: 800+ and i intend to get more when i get my laptop back

Time Zone + Location on planet Earth: Central time, iowa

Past administrator experience, if any: My past administrator experience has been on 2-3 minecraft servers on one of the server i co-owned it and helped the server out but the others i was a admin and helped them grow in numbers but it was years ago so i don’t have much knowledge of being admin.

Why do you want to become an admin and why should we pick you over other applicants? I would like to become a admin on the server because i would like to be involved in helping the server grow and get rid of any toxicity in the server, in the past yes i know i have broken some rules but that was the past and yes i regret doing these things because it has played a bad role in my reputation and i wish to become a better player and as becoming admin i would have the chance to redeem myself and come on and be more friendly and not such of a rule breaker like i use to be and yes i have lost cop two times honestly i forgot why or never told and yes i did cop rdm but i do not condon doing if because gets players to leave. I have also been inactive lately due to having hard drive issues so i couldn't play and also this coming week i'm going to heading off to Illinois from tuesday to Friday so i wont be active but i will be on steam but i have no clue when i will get it fixed so i will not be on as much this month. Lately when i was on the server i didn't see much admins only spooky and myback, most of the admins have disappeared or most can't get on and having me as admin would change because there will most likely be an admin on to deal with people and help new players so having me as a admin would change the way people view the server because even tho spooky is on sometimes there will be an admin if i get accepted to change the view aspect of people because i have seen a lot of new players leave because of the way these old veteran players have acted and i think i would help the community and it would be an honor to serve are lord and savior myback. Yes i can be immature about things and not really take it seriously but at points of time i can act or be mature but people just say i'm immature and hardly give me chance but i would like to change that way people view me and seeing as other admins are mature i would like to kind of follow in their footsteps and be a better more mature player. But i would see a better future as a admin and a better player with my time zone most people are on when i’m on i have a better chance of helping people when im on and there on.

I would also be there when people are doing things they shouldn't, breaking the rules. And when people are fighting over things like he let him into the police department or oh he stole my gram. Also i will be there when people are mic spamming and no one can do anything about it because "rarely do admins get on". I would also be of service in helping with new maps and new ideas for them but its been a while since i have had these admin/co owner roles so i don’t have much experience but i can help try. Also people scamming other people and having them rage and leave. I would also love to assist the people in need of help because most people are afking or not on and also for admins there not to many that still play


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Staff member
Jan 13, 2016
I cannot be asked to express how bothered I am about this post. Not only did you make an application when you knew they were closed, but you couldn't even properly use capitalization. Here is a video which may assist you on such errors. How are you to be trusted with an admin position when you can't even keep your cop rank? I would hope that this is common sense to you. You even highlight in your own post that you don't know when you're going to be available to play, yet you go out of your way to point out that admins are "rarely on". Reading the words "our lord and savior myback" literally makes me want to vomit in my own mouth. Yes, myback is a good guy, you don't need to kiss his ass. There will be no meeting regarding this application, there will be no discussions held about the matter, and I wish you a good afternoon.
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