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  1. Jonizal


    Hey @ROGCmdr: The Bunny hop server was created by @Serj and the Kz server by the HNS admins in order to fill the void that the HNS server left when we took it down a few months ago following several hosting issues and blunders on our end. Are there any issues with these servers? Is there a...
  2. Jonizal

    I used the VNC controller to piggyback the upload with a trojan and corrupt the

    I used the VNC controller to piggyback the upload with a trojan and corrupt the streaming data packets by initiating stack overflow.
  3. Jonizal

    zlapper and slick cop abusing

    His cop has been removed. Note he has been warned before on serious circumstances. He was also banned for a day.
  4. Jonizal

    Cry Baby trolling with loud music

    Thanks for the report he is banned now. If he comes back please ping us in discord
  5. Jonizal

    You say cheating results in perm banned but

    Please break down my logic and explain why it is flawed: VAC ban != permanent server ban => use new account banned by admin != permanent server ban => make ban appeal cheating on server = permanent server ban => stay off our server Btw saying we were dead a few months ago doesn't help your case.
  6. Jonizal

    ban appeal lemon

    As I stated three months ago:
  7. Jonizal

    BeAfraYeD Cop Abuse

    Regardless, my statement from earlier sticks. He is cop often while others aren't. It's that simple.
  8. Jonizal

    Pizza Delivery Abuse

    Hello Kaiser, It will take a few days before anything is done. For now please refrain from giving everyone keys and delivering that way. Until we have the time to create a better solution, a time-based limit with delivering to players will be added to prevent this from happening.
  9. Jonizal

    BeAfraYeD Cop Abuse

    Kaiser/Alarmed/Jokarr, I will reply as I see none of the other admins are: The player should not have increased your VIP sentence as it was the other cop's decision. It's disappointing to see the same player, as a cop, blocking your door while also afking. We are thinking about somehow making...
  10. Jonizal


    Let me be frank with you: Westfield crashes everyone. Freemancity has broken starter apartments. City45 has a race track we can't use anymore. What do you suggest we do?
  11. Jonizal

    Un-jailing and Abusing

    Hello BeAfraYeD, we understand your concern about this cop. Anecdotal evidence ("He said, she said") is insufficient but we can give him a slap on the wrist for you, which is equal to the formal warning everyone gets before removing cop. We also have evidence of farming crime, which isn't a...
  12. Jonizal

    Server needs more Cops & Admins teaching new players how to play

    Hello Bill. I appreciate your concern. We need more of what you think should happen before we come up with a response and discuss this formally: What would you like to see besides new players being helped more? How many players have you helped and then they come back? (If so, we owe you some GC...
  13. Jonizal

    drug dealer

    Thank you for your concern @SaMy: I agree however what if a cop who is their friend cuff/uncuffs them? Then you can just switch over with no consequences. This is a good start but maybe have a simpler solution in mind? Do you have any data collected from the test that can serve as evidence...
  14. Jonizal

    Changes to TeamSpeak Server

    Around the 31st of January, 2020, users experienced connection issues with our TeamSpeak server. As a result, the server has been moved to a new location in Chicago on a high-speed Ubuntu VPS. You can still jion it using the friendly IP: That being said, a few consequences of...
  15. Jonizal

    Cop Application

    Accepted. See an admin in-game for training and cop employment.
  16. Jonizal

    Cappy Arts' Cop Application

    Accepted. See an admin in-game for training and cop employment.
  17. Jonizal

    acornbuzz Cop Application

    Accepted. See an admin in-game for training and cop employment.
  18. Jonizal

    Better Jobs

    Maybe think of some ways to improve existing jobs. Here is a good starting question: How can you make a job as fun and efficient as drug dealer? Or maybe another reason to play on cop as many players who have it avoid it?
  19. Jonizal

    Extra things to buy $

    Hello Cappy Arts, thank you for posting this suggestion. We're always open to new items, commands, or anything, but we have to evaluate them based on a few questions: "Can it be expanded upon? Is it feasible for us to add? How will it change the flow of gameplay in the server? " Technically, it...
  20. Jonizal

    Blessins Cop Application

    Denied. Not because you raid people and break their locks, but because you intend to harass those players into leaving the server. In addition, you have poor rapport with most, if not all of the players. Please note: You were given a week to fix your poor status in the community but you have...