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  1. Kit Kit

    Vic Rattlehead has returned!

  2. Kit Kit


    Whats up boys Its been awhile since i've seen any of you or heard from you so tell me how have you been?
  3. Kit Kit

    RCE Cop RDM.

    Your In-Game name: For rent Offenders In-Game name: RCE Offenders Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:127626882 What server did this happen on?: Roleplay server. What rules did the offender break?: Cop RDM Proof by screenshots or recorded footage, if any...
  4. Kit Kit

    Its been a long while.

    I appreciate all of you. Even if i kill you ;).
  5. Kit Kit


    Good to see you too <3
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  7. Kit Kit


    Tell me about your day!
  8. Kit Kit

    Madimir's Admin Application

    Hey I haven't really voiced my opinion in a while but i will say madimir is a Good candidate for the role as a admin and im sure he will fit in with the rest of the admin team but has few experience with being a admin so he will need to realize the big responsibility that comes with being admin...
  9. Kit Kit

    Huzza tis kitten playing unturned, Come join!

    Hello everyone tis I Kitten for rent and im looking for people to come and play on the Official MoonShade Unturned server with Me,Toxin,Coal,Myback,Razor,JOEY and many many more but to get to the matter we want YOU to come join us at Myback wanted...
  10. Kit Kit

    Cop Application

    Well for the time ive been on today and what ive seen is that he RDMs quite a bit and is a bit toxic so for now i give it a -REP
  11. Kit Kit

    Matt's App (Again xD

    Very minimal?
  12. Kit Kit

    MoonShade 5v5!

  13. Kit Kit

    When Earth is on the server.

    ive gotten more then 10k crime.
  14. Kit Kit

    Application for Police Officer

    =rep boi dont really know
  15. Kit Kit

    Application for Police Officer

    All of the cop rules is a broad statement.
  16. Kit Kit


    RDM spree ahoy maybe maybe. Kitten for rent~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  17. Kit Kit


    Hey Bruvs im coming back. Kitten for rent ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  18. Kit Kit

    Peanutty Br3d's cop application.

    -rep Bright red is bright red
  19. Kit Kit

    ok 3 times is like more than enough

    -rep you are immature/not suitable for cop. and you have another application that is up CURRENTLY that still isn't decided.,2274.msg16881.html#msg16881 So please Chill with it kitten for rent/ Sombra Out. ~~~~~~~
  20. Kit Kit

    Squares cop app

    -rep Immature/annoying to deal with. Sombra/kitten for rent. ~~~~