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  1. Darek

    End of map Event

    As you may know we are changing maps and also ips (more on that coming soon.) As a bid fairwell to Winterfans we will be doing a drop at 12+ concurrent players. This will be happening on Thursday evening before the map change. A short time after the drop we will be changing to Freeman City. We...
  2. Darek

    Jacks cop app

    In-Game name: Jack16030 Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:120994084 Age: 18 Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it? No getting one on saturday Days of the week you are available to play: pretty much everyday Current Hours In-Game on our server: 79 Time Zone + Location on planet Earth: GMT...
  3. Darek

    It has been a while

    Hello there moonshade. It has been a while since my last proper visit to you all. And i think its time that i come and visit. Say hello to all the people i have met over the years. And greet all the new players with a warm open heart. I am going to try and set myself a goal to come on and play...
  4. Darek


    Ok I am back and I'm not dead. My arm is almost fully healed. And i felt like I had to give a little update of what is going on in my life. Also I would like to return to moonshade but most of my time is spent at school now that summer break is finished. When everyone is online I'm either...
  5. Darek


    Hello members of moonshade. As you are currently reading this I am writing with one hand. After reading this you may be wondering why. Well im fucking stupid and had a deep wound in my arm this was almost fatal. This was a concern do I dropped everything and have had a operation whicheans I...
  6. Darek

    I am disappointed

    Something has been bothering me about this community and it is how just because someone did something in the past and that they feel the need to drive them away from the community for good.My friend has left us because of people not allowing him to play by constantly harassing him so much they...
  7. Darek

    Good News

    I would like to announce offical part time return to admin.I have taken a 2 month break from the server and appearing sometimes BUT today i am glad to announce my offical return to my previous admin position thanks to everyone who left a nice message on my retiring post.Now the real reason i...
  8. Darek


    Well i was thinking about starting to play more often than i do but i cant seem to fix a input lag issue and i was wondering if anyone could help me fix it so i can start playing again
  9. Darek


    I found a cool new website you can get $1 - $2 for free all you have to do is use my code and you will get the money(Before people complain about me selling out i WILL NOT collect any of my affiliates money im doing this to be a good person) Website link is...
  10. Darek


    Well hi moonshade its been some time since i have been on properly.And well i wanted to say hi because when i check the forums its been all bad news and depressing so im here to try to brighten up your day.And i may have a little announcement later in the week.
  11. Darek

    April Fools

    April fools im not quitting xDDDD. :kappa: :kappa: :kappa: :kappa: :kappa: :kappa: :kappa: :kappa: :kappa: :kappa: :kappa: :kappa: :kappa: :kappa: :kappa: :kappa:
  12. Darek

    No CSGO for me

    Well there was a recent update.And i try to update the game and it comes up with a error. I have no idea of how to fix this.If you can help me in anyway please steam message me on how to.
  13. Darek

    Cannot connect

    Every time i try to connect to the server it just gets stuck on initializing world. PS: This is now fixed i can connect now
  14. Darek

    Dareks cop app #2

    In-Game name: Darek Steam ID: 7:6:561198202253896 Age: 15 Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it? Yes I do have a microphone and I am willing to use it. Days of the week you are available to play: I am able to play on basicly all week except the weekends i visit family...
  15. Darek

    Bish Whet Abusing Admin

    Your In-Game Name: Darek Admins In-Game Name: Bish Whet Admins Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:107505884 What server did this happen on? RolePlay Server What rules did the admin break? He was abusing /slap and killed aloha (he isnt making this report because he was asleep and i wanted it to be out as fast...
  16. Darek


    Well I'm sorry but I have had no internet for the past 1 week but I should be back on sunday.I hope to see all my friends on again. :D
  17. Darek


    So im on the website and people be deleting my post.Like wtf is wrong I did nothing wrong.
  18. Darek

    Kill counter for cops

    We should get a kill counter for cops and when a cop jails some one it should be logged.Idk if this is possible or not but if it is it would greatly decrease cops vip jailing for nothing but rage.
  19. Darek

    30+ players

    So the server was at 25 it was fine but as soon as it breaks the 30+ point the server just meltsdown.
  20. Darek

    Im back

    Well the title says it all