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  1. KingofKFCJamal

    The Walking Dead: Season 1

    Click the image to get the game. [size=12pt]"The Walking Dead is a five-part game series set in the same universe as Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic book series. Play as Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, who has been given a second chance at life in a world devastated by the undead. With...
  2. KingofKFCJamal

    Mirage: Arcane Warfare | 1 DAY ONLY

    Click the image to get the game. [size=12pt]"In Mirage: Arcane Warfare, the calm of a strange fantasy world is shattered by ruthless civil war. Warriors armed with steel and magic bring violence and death as they do battle across a fantastical Arabian and Persian-inspired setting of desert...
  3. KingofKFCJamal

    Shadow Warrior

    Click the image to get the game. [size=12pt]"Shadow Warrior is a bold reimagining of the classic 3D Realms’ shooter from independent developer Flying Wild Hog (Hard Reset) starring the legendary and quick-witted warrior Lo Wang. Combine the brute force of overwhelming firepower with the...
  4. KingofKFCJamal

    Killing Floor

    Click the image to get the game. [size=12pt]"Killing Floor is a Co-op Survival Horror FPS set in the devastated cities and countryside of England after a series of cloning experiments for the military goes horribly wrong. You and your friends are members of the military dropped into these...
  5. KingofKFCJamal

    New gambling site hosted by me

    Come play and bet along with your friends at Min deposit is 1 cent.
  6. KingofKFCJamal

    Free Game - Rising Storm

    Click the image to get the game. "Rising Storm is the next game in the award-winning Red Orchestra franchise. You know the great gameplay, innovative features and realistic audio and graphics of RO2 - Rising Storm will take this to the Pacific Theater, adding even more features, new levels, new...
  7. KingofKFCJamal

    True Dedication

  8. KingofKFCJamal

    What do you see in this picture?

    Hint: It not obvious Answer:
  9. KingofKFCJamal

    I needed to do this. You upset me, Doge.

    Edit- Just incase anyone thinks I would lie about this:
  10. KingofKFCJamal

    Well'd been a year

    or has it?
  11. KingofKFCJamal

    A farewell

    It is time to say good-bye for a final time. It been the greatest 2 years being here on Moonshade and I will surely miss it. Thank you to the community, admins, and players that made this experience wonderful. All the work I did for this community were the greatest thing I could have done for...
  12. KingofKFCJamal

    If you ever get bored and want to pass some time.... I setted up a Battle Bot on Steam. Do !setup to start or restart the game. You attack the bot by !attack. Thought it is something cool to share with you guys.
  13. KingofKFCJamal

    Always remember that not all Chrome extensions are legit.

    Well, this is an extreme example, but people still falls for them. It even happens with non-Steam related extensions, as they can install keyloggers and viruses. A lot of extensions might have high rating, but they can pay for reviews. Just be careful when using an extension that you are unsure of.
  14. KingofKFCJamal

    Secret Santa?

    Should we start a Secret Santa event for MoonShade this year? I feel like it would bring more people together in this community. We can create a group and require a minimum that people entering the event to put in as their gift. On Christmas, people will receive their gift and the person who...
  15. KingofKFCJamal

    Get Streamline for free to keep | 24 hours only

    Make sure you pick up Streamline while it is free for the whole day. You can keep it forever and it is also a multiplayer game to enjoy with friends, Get it here: Screenshots:
  16. KingofKFCJamal

    $1,000,000 Drop in Honor of my Bday Tomorrow

    Whenever I get back from my party, I will drop $1mill and my rebel items, jaros, krims, and alm items. Event should start around 9 or 10 PM EST. Make sure you are there.
  17. KingofKFCJamal

  18. KingofKFCJamal

    Looking for feedback on this WIP map of mines Appreciate the feedback in advance.
  19. KingofKFCJamal

    If you want to chat or hangout somewhere while TS is down

    Join our Discord Server: Click here
  20. KingofKFCJamal

    Quitting the server.

    I am done. Myback has broken me into a depressed state for the last two years and I can't take this shit anymore. Until MyBack can talk to me without fucking spitting on me and treating me like his slave, I can't keep myself to stay any longer to fuck up my mental state more, as it already is...