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    same my wife says i use to spend a lot of time here n im like ??? i dont remember a thing
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    qutting csgo and server

    "I got banned for trying to play 'competitive' uncompetitively and got banned for being disruptive" sounds like a way better and more accurate topic name, because you haven't quit csgo or the server.... you just got your account banned for being a butt :spazdunno:
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    people being mad for a game and a virtual money that has no value

    scientist should just be scrapped, horrid excuse of a job really
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    Music or noise in the city

    like Skittle said adding sound to a map shouldn't really affect performance whatsoever, unless you're doing something seriously wrong, like it being triggered 100s of times a second. er, unless you meant your PC is in a garbage. personally I hate the loud noisy soundscapes in those maps...
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    Music or noise in the city

    I've thought about this as well, need sum good ass earthbound music when i walk into my house, and dog humor for the stores and other creepy duke3d ambient sound just because
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    unban appeal

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    Are.. are you playing with the Nevermine RPG mod?
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    I swear, man. It's pathetic. Nobody even jails for murder either or anything. And these "drop your gun, i'm going to cuff uncuff you!" binds gotta go. It would be nice if players can't be uncuffed until half or more their time is served, and it is then where a cop can may decide if they will...
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    Banned for nothing?

    Nahz was afk in there and was killed. The room you were in was locked, I had to unlock it to walk in. You guys used the car glitch to get into my house. When I noclipped to my house and checked my doors/locks, and noticed the car in the cubby area, well, it didn't take a genius to figure out...
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    Can we have a way to deliberately remove crime?

    I really like the sound of this.
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    Can we have a way to deliberately remove crime?

    Why do we need a lawyer job or any way to reduce crime? Cops basically ARE fucking lawyers. You can TELL a cop to cuff uncuff you and the funny thing is he'll most likely actually do it. Some of you nerds have a freakin' bind that literally says you're going to jail/unjail. Jail at this point...
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    Ideal Server Ideas for the Community

    who are you and what have you done with shecklse
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    Fox/Fox_2413's Ban Appeal

    You are full of shit, you were purposely shooting at the drops and were banned for an hour because of it, myback doesn't need any proof WHEN HE CAN SEE YOU DOING IT IN FRONT OF HIM WITH HIS OWN EYES. locked because this was just a 60 min ban.
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    Tsk1.1 Romeo 6 Police ApplicatioN!

    skip the meeting, myback get on and train this kid lmao just kidding. great app and a great player in game and is familiar with the rules and these type of servers. would probably make the perfect cop.
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    Earth False

    Locking because this is going nowhere.
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    Earth False

    You literally uploaded a screenshot of your screen which had wallhacks activated on this thread,2619.0.html After you were asked for an explanation, you "went afk" twice, when clearly you were editing the post over on that thread that had the screenshot to...
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    Whatsittooya Abusing

    Player has been banned for hacking.
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    Bias Staff

    Banned for hacking.
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    Me app

    He said in the server that he somehow came across a glitch that wiped his hours and provided this very clearly photoshopped image Denied
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    Me app Straight lied on his app.