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  1. Mewn

    April Adjustments

    What's up everyone. I come to bring some important additions to the community this month. We have some new and various accessibility features on the website, highlighted changes we wish to propose eventually to the portal page, and some new servers to play on! Theme Select We put the theme...
  2. Mewn

    Annual Child's Play Donation

    Hey everyone, For those of you who don't know, we donate 10% of our profits to the Child's Play charity. We just donated for this year. That means MoonShade has raised $85.61 for kids in need... that's awesome!
  3. Mewn

    January Child's Play Charity Donation

    That brings the total to $22.59 we've donated. Let's keep it climbing!
  4. Mewn

    November and December charity donations

    As you guys may remember, we started donating to the Child's Play Charity back in October, and we made about 62.50 the past two months, so 10% of that is the 6.25 you see being donated. This doesn't include all donations to donation bot. Those will be included in January's total.
  5. Mewn

    It's Trump

  6. Mewn


    As announced in the Halloween update, we are going to be releasing a new job titled "The Mayor." As we promised, a proceed of these donations will go to Child's Play to improve the lives of children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters through the generosity and kindness of the video...
  7. Mewn

    Halloween Update!

    Happy Halloween MoonShade! There are a few changes I'm sure you've all noticed, and a few that will come into play a little later. Things you will notice: >>Pumpkins around the map >>Festive Halloween fun by wearing masks >>The night sky with spooky fog >>Zombie player model for...
  8. Mewn


    Was told a westfield v2 might be in the works. Still unclear though.
  9. Mewn

    Moonshade GMOD server

    Check out our GMOD TTT server ran by JSL_Live. It is one of the most well produced TTT servers I've seen!
  10. Mewn

    hahahahahahaha "bronies are the next generation dubstep"
  11. Mewn

    08/06/2015 Admin Meeting

    Today's meeting just concluded and we've discussed some important community related topics and promoted some of you. I'm just going to post a small summary of some of the key points we talked about. #1) The Jailbreak server- I recently spoke with sidezz and he told me it should be done and...
  12. Mewn


    MoonShade Gaming is starting a competitive CSGO team! Do you want to represent MoonShade at the competitive level? Fill out the application below as a reply to this thread and you will be invited into the MSG Comp Steam Group. Once we have 10 or more applicants, we will host a scrimmage on...
  13. Mewn

    Gone for a week

    Going on vacation with my family to Yellowstone. It'll be nice since I haven't seen them in a long while. Have a good time everyone.
  14. Mewn


    We are happy to announce that a merge with CoLD community (Syle's Roleplay) from HL2:DM will be taking place and you will be seeing some new additions to the admin team. Syle who will be coming in as a community manager Sidezz who will be helping us develop the RP mod as well as other new mods...
  15. Mewn

    m-m-m-m-m-map change

    MAP CHANGE We will be moving to freeman city this Friday the 19th. Be sure to sell your houses before then and get ready to play on one of my favorite maps!!!!
  16. Mewn

    new pages

    Rules and about page posted. Feel free to correct me on my grammar, and go check them out!
  17. Mewn

    [Must Read Before Posting] Reporting a Glitch/Bug format.

    Before posting a "Report a Glitch" thread, please read this following post as it will help you format your thread appropriately, so that it is clear and readable for us developers to deal with. Some important information to take into consideration: Make sure that the glitch is still valid. For...
  18. Mewn

    Ban appeal format [Please read before posting]

    In-game name: Server you were banned on: Who banned you: Reason for ban: Steam ID: Reason you think you should be unbanned: Evidence to support claim (if any):
  19. Mewn

    IP Change

    Our hosts changed up the IPs. NEW IP FOR ROLEPLAY SERVER: IP FOR NEW MINIGAMES SERVER: The minigames server is still being developed so it will be locked, but add it to your favorites anyway so you can play it when it's done!!!!
  20. Mewn


    About MoonShade Gaming: Moon Shade Gaming is a small community of gamers that host a roleplay server on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The server and roleplay plugin are constantly being upgraded and changed to better suit that standards of the Counter-Strike Community. Our server is very...