Community Rules
As a member, you hereby agree to the following rules as well as the Registration Agreement.
Bear in mind that these rules still apply in other community areas such as the Discord and TeamSpeak servers.
A standalone copy of the forum rules can be viewed here.
Last Modified: 3/6/18

  • Respect all players. Respect includes no spamming in any form, no labeling players with profanity, having manners, using common sense, no impersonation of others, etc.
  • Listen to the server administrators. What they tell you to do should be followed as any other rule should be.
  • Advertising other servers or websites is prohibited unless permission is given.
  • Do not deliberately complain about anything. If there is a problem, speak to an admin or make a thread on the forums.
  • Do not spam the chat or yell/scream in the microphone.
  • Do not exploit glitches found on the server. Report any bugs here. This includes that you do not use any external program or modification to gain you an advantage.
  • Do not evade bans with different accounts or proxies.
  • No scamming. If you get scammed, you will not be refunded whatever you were swindled out of.
  • Do not promote slow-hacking. (Slow-hacking - Telling someone to enter a malicious command "unbindall", "exit", "demos")
  • If you have a problem with your punishment, speak about it with another higher admin or make a thread on the forums here.

RP Rules
  • Mass RDMing is NOT allowed. (Killing ten or more players in five minutes)
  • Do not ever kill a new player for no set reason. Doing so will result in a -$1,000 penalty from your bank. You will be eligible for being VIP jailed. One exception is players with bounties.
  • Evading cuffs by disconnecting, switching jobs, or suiciding will result in VIP jail by a cop.
  • Killing cuffs will result in VIP jail by a cop.
  • Do not exchange RP money with other currencies, virtual or not (PayPal, Bitcoin, etc).
  • Scientists are allowed to place neither "teleport" entrances nor exits in the Police Department or usable surfaces, such as doors or NPCs
  • Exchanges made through outside non-server-controlled bets may not exceed the amount of $200,000

Police Rules
  • Cuff/Uncuff and Jailing is at 800+ Crime.
  • Cops should punish players by VIP jailing when they Mass RDM, avoid cuffs, exploit, etc.
  • Random Deathmatching as a cop will result in an instant demotion. Do not shoot unless shot at (hurt) first.
  • If there is only one person behind you, you may assume it was them who hit you if it was RIGHT after you were stabbed. Citizens slashing at you with their knives do not count.
  • If you are killed by someone as a cop, you may NOT revenge kill them back after you respawn.
  • Inactivity might result in a loss in your cop.
  • No asking admins to rank you up. Your promotions automatically progress via the employer.
  • Any citizen (VIP or not) is to be shot on sight upon entering locked doors in the Police Department.
  • AFKing as a cop for long periods of time is not permitted.
  • Do not use any rebel items. (Lockpick, Doorhack, Cuffsaw). Use kickdoor to get inside locked homes with bounties.
  • Kickdoor may be used when a player has a bounty (2,500+ crime).
  • Do not suicide to give a civilian your weapons.
  • Do not switch back and forth to evade jail or being killed.
  • Do not favor specific citizens as a cop. Play fair.
  • Do not unjail another cops' prisoners without consent from that cop. Who you jail/cuff is also your responsibility.

Forum Rules
Not following these rules may lead to your post being removed from the forums.
  • Please respect all members of the forums. Any direct hatred towards another member(s) will not be tolerated.
  • No spamming, i.e replying "lol" to every post just to gain post count. If you're going to write "lol" expand on your emotion at least.
  • No double posting. Instead, use the Modify button in the top right of your post in order to update it.
  • No going off-topic, before posting, make sure you're going to write something useful to the topic.
  • For applications, do NOT post a + or -. Reply with an explanation for your vote, do not reply to anyone else's vote, this includes the applicant, only reply if absolutely necessary. This rule links in with the rule above, please stay on topic, especially on applications.
  • When creating a report thread or replying to an application, make sure what you post about that specific member is true.
  • Do not post joke reports, we take things seriously and your topic will be removed.
  • Do not re-apply for the same position if your application was recently denied, the topic shall be locked and you will be informed. At least wait 2-3 weeks before posting another application.
  • Do not repost quotes without giving any reason. Although you may agree with that post you need to give a reason for your repost of the quote -> This rule does not apply in the following categories: Applications, Admin/Player Reports
  • No bumping threads. ->This rule does not apply in the the following categories: Off-Topic Discussion

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