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About the MoonShade Gaming Community

MoonShade Gaming was founded in January of 2015 by Mewn and Myback who collectively decided to create a Roleplay server. Mewn would take the role of the Owner and myback as the Lead Developer. In the communities current state, we are constantly looking to expand into different games and with different game modes apart from Roleplay.

Community Goals:
Providing excellence for the community:

•   As a gaming community, we strive to provide game servers which players can enjoy.
•   In order to do this, we are constantly creating new content and implementing bug fixes in order to improve and maintain our servers.
•   Hiring consistent and professional staff members to help administer the game servers is also important to us because it ensures the servers are being kept clear of spammers, hackers, exploiters, etc.

Player Involvement:
•   Not only do we implement new content and updates to our servers, we do so with the player•s best interests in mind. It isn•t unusual for a vote/poll to erect asking the community what they want in the next update based on player's suggestions.
•   Decisions of the staff are determined by the players' best interest.
•   Staff applications allow for players to voice their opinions on another qualified member who is applying to become part of the staff.
•   Players have the ability to help clean up the community by reporting admins and players on the forums.

•   The goal for the community is to be able to comfortably keep it running for and by the community.
•   Like many servers, we aim to keep our servers running by taking donations. However, MoonShade takes a different approach to donations and the perks associated with it by offering an extremely low-cost form of donator called •Supporter• for $2.50 each month.
•   An ultimate goal for the MoonShade community is to have enough dedicated supporters each month to keep it up with these small efficient micro-payments.
•   After we have achieved enough supporters to maintain the community we already have, additional supporter payments will go towards the expansion of the community's infrastructure and future.
•   This means the expansion of the community will be, for the most part, dependent upon itself.

How to get involved:
•   Register on our forums and join the discussion!
•   Join our Steam Group for instant updates on the community!
•   Donate or Subscribe to become a supporter to receive awesome benefits and help keep MoonShade Gaming running!
•   Become a regular on one of our servers. Contribute your knowledge and meet some people who may turn out to be good friends someday.
•   Become a member of our Discord server and chat with the community on anywhere for free! - Invite link: https://discord.gg/CRyeT23
•   Join our TeamSpeak 3 server and talk to the community members! - IP: ts.moonshade.net
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