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    So I came across this app that was created by Stanford graduates. You can mine a small amount of their cryptocurrency on your phone (it won’t use any battery or anything you can even just close the app). And, after looking into it, I saw they just released a node you can download for their...
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    Samy cop rdming me

    add his steam id
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    Big Boi Kaiser's Special Ban Appeal

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    Open admin applications

    The admin inactivity issue has actually been going on for as long as I can remember. It's almost as if there has always been a fear (a single persons fear) to remove any admins status or commands. There's no real reason for this, I've never been given a reason and seemingly nobody else has...
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    A PSA about applying for cop after the reset

    If you’re going to apply for cop and you had it before the reset, it does not matter in your new application. Please stop linking your old applications after writing 2 lines.
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    AFK Cop

    this post is just a waste of literally everyones time
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    AFK Cop

    on the real though who cares? did this ruin ur gameplay or some shit lmao
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    Flamelix For Cop

    Yes it's very hard when you're a recruit to get up a buggy elevator when two people are camping it... lmao
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    Flamelix For Cop

    You act like you don't mrdm or any of this other stuff, but last night you were killing everyone in a tower (with someone else) and since it was hard to reach you were able to get pretty high crime. Then later on, the person you were with timed out, and very soon after while I was trying to get...
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    Sorcerer Ban Appeal

    Your appeal was already denied,3818.0.html#msg25695
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    Dennyb cop application

    This is an absolute piece of trash of an application.
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    Skittle's Cop Application

    In-Game name:Skittle Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:151395277 Age:15 Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it?Yes, I do have a microphone and I will be using it. Days of the week you are available to play:Most weekdays and some weekends. Current Hours In-Game on our server: 2000+ 11 Time...
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    Dead server

    u killed new ppl for fun stfu lol