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    April Adjustments

    What's up everyone. I come to bring some important additions to the community this month. We have some new and various accessibility features on the website, highlighted changes we wish to propose eventually to the portal page, and some new servers to play on! Theme Select We put the theme...
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    Toxin Day

    RIP Toxin
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    Earth and Church, what are you guys talking about?
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    Hey Delta, welcome to moonshade man.
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    lolisme (lemon) ban appeal

    I think it's been long enough guys. Let's give him another chance. If he's willing to pop back on after this long and make an appeal.
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    Community Streamers

    Thanks for the post Myback!
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    Nice! I need to build me one soon.
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    Why westfield is the best map?

    You learn something new everyday.
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    Why westfield is the best map?

    Because it had my influence of course! --> Also it's the only RP map we use that isn't a port from HL2DM
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    Free Game.... AGAIN

    Just a guy trying to get his life established Skittle.
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    Free Game.... AGAIN

    Hell yeah Thanks for posting these free games deadpool
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    Happy Birthday Myback!
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    Annual Child's Play Donation

    Hey everyone, For those of you who don't know, we donate 10% of our profits to the Child's Play charity. We just donated for this year. That means MoonShade has raised $85.61 for kids in need... that's awesome!
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    [REQUEST][IMPORTANT] Admin/Dev please respond!

    I feel like the main reason that the population has gone down is because of the time of year. Typically it goes down around this time because workloads are heavy in school. We've had a full server on every map and an empty one as well. The map change will happen when it does. There are cycles to...
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    Official Moonshade Book Club

    Maybe you'd be interested in reading "Meditations." It's short (like 70-80 pages) and is an introductory philosophy book by Marcus Aurelius (Emperor of Rome in the early AD period) on his reflections on stoicism. PS> Stoicism on its own is worth a google to research