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    End of map Event

    As you may know we are changing maps and also ips (more on that coming soon.) As a bid fairwell to Winterfans we will be doing a drop at 12+ concurrent players. This will be happening on Thursday evening before the map change. A short time after the drop we will be changing to Freeman City. We...
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    Big Boi Kaiser's Special Ban Appeal

    Accepted Please dont let the server get in the way of your personal life again. If you feel you need a break please just step away from the server. This is your First and FINAL chance we took your personal issues into consideration but we cannot be as leaniant again.
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    Nice's cop application

    Accepted. Please see an admin in-game for cop training.
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    Bill Overbeck's Cop Application

    Accepted. Please see an admin in-game for cop training.
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    No clue why I was banned

    Do you have anymore infomation on your ban at all like an estimated date a guess of who banned you or anything if not the ban appeal will be denied. We need more infomation as we dont know why you were banned.
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    Apply for cop

    Accepted, See an admin in game for training
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    Kaiser's Cop Application

    Accepted, See an admin in game for training.
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    how do i get my vip perms and house, admins keep ignorin me

    No one is ignoring you we are people too we have lives we have our own stuff to do im sorry about the wait but it isnt just you i had to wait a day to get mine aswell. Please understand even though the server is a high priority for us we cannot be on at all times just like you. Thank you, I will...
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    Cappy Exposed?

    This report has been accepted appropriate action will be taken
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    Make RP Great Again

    I will be sure to bring this up in the next admin meeting sorry for missing it out. You have some great idea here and i think a alot of them could be intergrated to help the server become easier to understand for new players.
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    Jimmie's cop application

    You need to have atleast 30 hours on the server now before reset does not count.
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    Jacks cop app

    In-Game name: Jack16030 Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:120994084 Age: 18 Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it? No getting one on saturday Days of the week you are available to play: pretty much everyday Current Hours In-Game on our server: 79 Time Zone + Location on planet Earth: GMT...
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    RP Server is Back in Business

    No way is that the real Crocker
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    Black Rabbits Admin Application

    Rabbit i haven't known you that long but you seem like a great person and the kind of person that would step up to the job and try your hardest. Good my uk friend. :)
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    It has been a while

    Hello there moonshade. It has been a while since my last proper visit to you all. And i think its time that i come and visit. Say hello to all the people i have met over the years. And greet all the new players with a warm open heart. I am going to try and set myself a goal to come on and play...