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    FaZe JUAN's Cop Application

    Really nice and helpful person. Helps alot of new players and is very generous. He would make a great cop!
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    Discord Unban Appeal

    In-game name: Server you were banned on: Discord Who banned you: Skittle Reason for ban: i posted too many screenshots DiscordID: BiscuitGamesYT#3137 Reason you think you should be unbanned: it was a long time ago. I didnt realize posting to many screenshots was spamming. Evidence to...
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    Biscuit's Cop Application (reset)

    In-Game name: mouthybiscuit Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:113847855 Age: 15 Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it? Yes I do have a microphone and I am willing to use it. Days of the week you are available to play: I am able to play most weekdays after 3 PM. I am able to play most...
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    Protos cop app

    Really helpful and fair. Would be a really good cop in my opinion.
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    Grubbsy's Very Late Ban Appeal

    I received this message today when I woke up. This also proves his maturity. I'm guessing he was upset because of my last reply. But Whatever.
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    Grubbsy's Very Late Ban Appeal

    You literally told me a week ago that you hate moonshade and are trying to make COLD it's number one enemy.
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    Server Status?

    I wish I knew, Im wondering the same thing, I haven't been on in a while due to some toxicity.
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    HnS Admin Application (Noodle)

    I mean they accepted a 13-14 year old
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    Playtesting Server with professional playtesters

    Grubbsy, "Maybe you're trying too hard. " - Grubbsy I used the same comeback.
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    Can I be unmuted 2

    Grubbsy he was gagged and muted.
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    Can I be unbanned? Please?

    I was banned by Andrew.. on hns a while ago. I realize that I don't even play on the hns server that much but I actually started to enjoy it. The reason I got banned because I was "wasting his time". I was really just joking and he overreacted and took it way to seriously. He kept extending my...
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    Skittle Shut the Fuck Up Honestly, your not any better than Psyduck.
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    I agree, Duck has made too many new players quit aswell, If Grubbsy's out im out.
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    My new intro

    LOL! Your acted like your shocked but you told him to type this,
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    Can I be unmuted 2

    Uh, last time I checked your not banned?