Donation Packages

Remember to only donate if you can afford to do so.

A one time donation to become a MoonShade Donor.
$10.00 - One Time Donation.

Received Benefits:
  • /models - Access to multiple custom models!
  • /colors - Change the color of your name in chat!
  • /trail - Activate a custom sprite trail from color of your choice!
  • /ringcolor - Change the color of your plant rings!
  • /printercolor - Change the color of your printer rings!
  • Forum Group - Orange name and recognition as a donor on the forums!
  • Door message customizability - Font, Size and Decoration using HTML tags!
A monthly subscription to become a MoonShade Supporter.
$3.00 - Monthly Subscription.

Received Benefits:
  • /votemute - Ability to vote mute an annoying player!
  • /pets - Free access + supporter exclusive pets!
  • Reserved Slot - Join our servers even if they're full!
  • Parachute - Hit E in mid-air to activate!
  • TeamSpeak 3 Channel - Personal TS3 Channel
  • Forum Group - Pink name and recognition as a supporter on the forums!
  • Free VIP Home!
Become a Patreon!