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Welcome to MoonShade Gaming

Who we are

MoonShade Gaming is a community striving toward expanding game servers to offer a variety to its player base and have a fun and interactive environment that anyone will enjoy. We wish to create a culture of collaboration and build great things together. If you think this brief description fits in with you well, please feel free to register.

Where to begin?

Register on our forums to become a member and gain full access to viewing threads, announcements, and various other community activities. Membership is required for being able to post and reply to other members.

Policy on Behavior

Simply stated, we like to stay civil. Have it in your best interest to read our rules before using our website or playing on our servers. If you demonstrate proper common sense, you should be fine and have no problems.  We appreciate your devotion to your idea or positive improvements upon the community, but you must remember only certain ideas can actually work out in the long run. Please do not act barbarically or aggressively emphatic as a member (i.e when making a suggestion). Entitlement is earned in conjunction with respect and can be easily lost by lying, acting in disrespect to someone or something, etc. Please remember that "until you treat everyone as an equal, you have no right to complain about the treatment you receive from anyone.".

Registration Agreement

By registering, you hereby obey to strictly follow our conduct on the registeration agreement. We take the agreement very seriously. If you do not wish to respect it, please do not register. Please note some fundamental bits of the agreement:

"Member Conduct: MoonShade does not condone actions such as but not limited to tantrums, acts of rage, fits of violence, anger that stems from immaturity and etc. If a member of MoonShade is doing such then please report them with a detailed outline of what occurred."

"Racism and Prejudice: Racism or prejudice of any kind is not allowed by members of MoonShade
What is racist? Believing one's race is superior to another.
What is not racist? Tasteful comedy, Memes, Avatars, Names. Unless otherwise proven to be racist by an Administrator."

"Permissions, Access, Privileges: Access to other channels and permissions gained in the result of channel groups assigned by MoonShade Admins means that users can do anything that the particular group gives them access to do. Any access a particular group is not supposed to have must be removed by an Administrator so that the group does not abuse."

If you are banned, you may or may not have a right to appeal your ban based on your behavior. We cannot stress this enough.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How do I register on the website? Click here to visit the registration page.
  • How do I donate to MoonShade Gaming? First, register and then visit the donations page. You may either donate to become a donor for a one-time minimum donation of $10.00 or subscribe to become a supporter via $2.50 per month.
  • Where do the donations go? A proceed of our donations proudly are sent to Child's Play annually. The rest help us pay for server fees.

We hope you enjoy playing on MoonShade gaming, whether your stay is for short or long. Always remember it's about having fun. Never underestimate the importance of having fun. We appreciate you taking the time to read our welcome message. See you around.

- The MoonShade Team

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