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Welcome to the website!

Welcome to MoonShade Gaming

Thanks for visiting our website. This serves as a central hub across all of our areas of communication. Starting in January 2015 with a roleplay server on CS:GO, we have expanded our servers across numerous multiplayer games. We currently wish to maintain a safe and interactive community, with an end-goal of creating a place where you can have a productive discussion, make friends with other members, and have fun. Join our forums, it only takes a few seconds!

If you want to help us out, contribute to the discussion on these forums or our Discord. We use the forums for suggestions, player reports, and much more. Please keep your behavior civil and treat others how you would in a face-to-face environment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I register on the website? Click here to create a forum account.
  • What do I get for registering? You will gain the ability to post on our forums so you can interact with other users, view our exclusive content we offer to members, and much more!
  • What other servers can I play on? We have servers ranging from MORDHAU frontline and free-for-all deathmatch, Mann vs. Machine on Team Fortress 2, Hide N Seek with KZ Jumpstats on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive along with a roleplay server. The complete listing may be found on our servers page.
  • Are there any rules I have to follow? The rules page contains all of our website and server rules. They are subjectively simple rules to follow and we are generally lenient to most rule-breaking, giving a warning on first offense depending on the rule broken.
  • How do I donate to MoonShade Gaming? First, register and then visit the donations page. You may either donate to become a donor for a one-time minimum donation of $10.00 or subscribe to become a supporter via $2.50 per month.
  • Where do the donations go? To our donations PayPal account, where we save up to keep up our websites, upgrade towards our servers to enhance your experience, and a percentage are sent to Child's Play annually. The rest helps us pay for our monthly server fees.
May 31, 2019, 11:58:40 PM by Black Rabbit | Views: 98 | Comments: 2

Before we wrap up the month of May, we have quite a few announcements to make. First off, we're proud to announce that we now have a Patreon page with new supporter tiers available! As soon as the page is approved, we will post the link to it. Don't worry, the classic version of supporter isn't going anywhere, in fact, all current supporters are being rewarded with an upgrade to the next tier at no cost. Thanks for all your continuous support!  :pinkheart:

Some new icons and shadows for night mode have been added in our navigation bar. These are courtesy of and we encourage all websites to utilize these icons instead of relying on small images. As time goes on, more icons will be replacing our smaller images with these icons to optimize website loading times. In addition, we have fixed a problem with the website not allowing users to change their name if they had special characters in them, such as Boozy's checkmark. In conclusion, we are dedicated to avidly working on our website to make it a more reliable and worthy place to visit.

The server page has been slightly revised to include all of our servers without having to scroll down that much. It is now in double-column format to include our latest servers: the TF2 and MORDHAU servers. We're pleased to see players enjoying our Mann VS Machine servers on TF2. We have will be making a few changes to th
April 30, 2019, 03:02:26 AM by Mewn | Views: 66 | Comments: 1

What's up everyone. I come to bring some important additions to the community this month. We have some new and various accessibility features on the website, highlighted changes we wish to propose eventually to the portal page, and some new servers to play on!

Theme Select

We put the theme select back on our portal page so users may quickly adjust the look of the website. Up until now, we have only supported our current theme so there may be a few quirky bugs with the others, so please have some patience when it comes to that! We are also looking into ways users may change the layout of the website without having to affect every member. More details will arrive once we have a plan for this. Let us know what you think!

Website Layout Ideas

If you have suggestions on a new layout for our home aka "portal" page, please leave them below or in the suggestions area of our forums. When making this change, keep in mind our goal is to promote accessibility and allow users who never visit our website to easily access content such as special topics related to our servers or applications such as apply for cop. We also will be bringing a new feature along with this change that allows users to easily see when special events are occurring on our servers. Don't worry, you'll see them whenever we're ready to throw one.


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